Artistic vision

COnscription aims to reflect the experiences of people whose lives are affected by the obligation to complete military service, no matter the country, and to generate debate about the complex moral, personal and national implications.

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Cast: Manolis Emmanouel, Günalp Koçak, Haydar Köyel & Hemi Yeroham
Conceived & Directed by Çağlar Kimyoncu
Director of Photography – Markus J Ljungberg

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Caglar's Long Take - From an interview by Joe McConnell

Caglar’s Long Take

Improvisation is the lifeblood of Caglar’s film art. He invariably forgoes script in favour of an approach which puts the cast and crew deep inside the creative process and removes all familiar signposts for both actors and audience. From relentless improvisation, COnscription grew into a film installation based around a single long take of four actors exploring the ways in which psychiatric assessment for compulsory military service affects people on the outside of mainstream society. Caglar talks to us about the processes at the heart of the piece.

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Audio introduction to the exhibition

The following tracks are an audio introduction to COnscription Exhibition. Audio description of the four-channel video is available at the gallery upon request.

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