A multimedia installation by artist Caglar Kimyoncu, inspired by stories from Turkey exploring the call-up to military service for people who don't 'fit the mould''. COnscription will encourage people across all sections of society to question misconceptions, assumptions and attitudes around the position of the individual within the social system, and what it means for the two to be at odds, whilst avoiding a judgmental or prescriptive approach
  1. International Conscientious Objectors’ Day demonstration in South-Korea
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  2. OHCHR publishes guide to conscientious objection
    OHCHR publishes guide to conscientious objection UN human rights agency publishes guide to Conscientious Objection.  PDF available at War Resisters International link above.Filed under: All posts, Conscientious Objection, Conscription, Constitutional, Greece, Israel, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, UK
  3. Conscript facing jail again for refusing to go against his conscience
    A handful of Israeli teenagers go to prison every year because they refuse to serve in their country’s army on grounds of conscience. Nineteen-year old Natan Blanc from Haifa has been through this seven times in four months. Blanc says he will not participate in human rights violations against Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. He […]
  4. Conscientious Objection: Resisting Militarized Society – the book
    Conscientious Objection: Resisting Militarized Society Edited by Ozgur Heval Cinar and Coskun Usterci Refusing to take part in war is as old as war itself. This wide-ranging and original book brings together four different bodies of knowledge to examine the pratice of conscientious objection: historical and philosophical analyses of conscientious objection as a critique of compulsory […]
  5. Are Israel’s refusers modern day heroes?
    Are Israel’s refusers modern day heroes? All facets of refusal may be instrumental in changing the conscription process and refusal to serve in the Israeli military is not always the outcome of opposing the Occupation. It takes courage and demands fortitude and wide support. By Ruth L. Hiller Different people refuse to enlist in Israel’s […]
  6. Michael Tippett – a renowned British composer, an active pacifist
    Sir Michael Tippett (1905 – 1998) without doubt was a significant British composer of the 20th century. His oratorio ‘A Child of Our Time‘, composed during the Second World War, deals with violent incidents of those years in the context of the experiences of oppressed people generally, and carries a strongly pacifist message of ultimate […]
  7. Israeli conscientious objector Natan Blanc has been imprisoned for the SEVENTH time
    Israeli conscientious objector Natan Blanc has been imprisoned for the SEVENTH time Israeli conscientious objector Natan Blanc was imprisoned today for the seventh time. 19-years-old, from Haifa, Natan Blanc declared his refusal to serve in the Israeli Army for the seventh time on 28th February, and was sentenced to 20 days’ imprisonment for his refusal. Click […]
  8. The Pink Certificate – The Documentary (BBC World Service)
    “Why homosexual men are not allowed to be conscripted into the Turkish army.” Emre Azizlerli lifts the lid on the only country within the Nato military alliance to discriminate against homosexuals in this way. “There’s a Turkish saying that every man is born a soldier; and in Turkey every man is conscripted for military service […]
  9. ‘This land is mine’
    nina says” A brief history of the land called Israel/Palestine/Canaan/the Levant. Who’s-killing-who viewer’s guide here:” if you scroll down on both the vimeo and blog entries you will read that the work has inspired (or triggered?) many reactions. the power of the art?Filed under: All posts
  10. Boris Vian- Le déserteur
    Translation in English (taken from here) Original lyrics after the English translation Mr. President I’m writing you a letter that perhaps you will read If you have the time. I’ve just received my call-up papers to leave for the front Before Wednesday night. Mr. President I do not want to go I am not on […]