London - May 2013


COnscription Banner hanged outside the gallery window

Entrance to the gallery


Exhibition Catalogues on the reception desk

Publicity stand by the entrance to the gallery

Entry to the gallery - Changing Squence projected on the wall

A banner - brief introduction to conscirption and conscientious objection around the world



Banners hanged from the ceiling. Each gives a glimpse of experiences of people in Turkey

Banners and video projection of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI)


Banners in the Gallery


In the hospital room, right  side projectionstill from the hospital room

Bed in the hospital room,  Ali being interviewed in the doctor's room and and left projection

In the hospital room, audience members sitting on the bed

In the hospital room, anohter group of audience members watching the installation

An audience member is watching Yigit's interview with the doctor.

Doctor is on a small monitor

Audience members reading the stories on the banners hanged from ceiling


A group of audience members reading the stories on the banners hanged from the ceiling.